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Flocking technology is based on applying microfibres of textile staples to plastic products.

Flocking creates a luxurious "velvet" surface used, for example, in the interiors of executive cars. Such surface offers many ways of using, both aestetic and functional - sound nad thermal insulation function.


1Plasma surface activation

In order to achieve high adhesion between the part and the applied adhesive, the method of surface activation by plasma discharge is necessary in case of materials with low surface tension.

Polymeric materials such as PE, PP and PS tend to have a low surface tension which causes poor adhesion. Plasma surface pretreatment is an effective and gentle solution of this issue.

2Adhesive material application

Spraying adhesive material onto parts which then proceed to the application of flocking textile fibre.

3Textile fibre application

A modern flocking line with an electrostatic-pneumatic flocking machine, from the leading German producer Maag Flockmaschinen GmbH, enables to apply flocking fibre even onto shape-complicated parts.

flock HOEKO

Parts not only for automotive industry

We are able to offer both flocking as a part of the cooperation and flocking including the manufacturing of untreated parts.

4Output control

Every part goes through the cleaning and thorough check which separates defective and insufficietly covered pieces and returns them to be repaired.

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